May 9, 2008

does the world need beer goggles?

We recently got a mail from Cambridge University Press presenting their latest publications, including Face2Face. As proof of what an up-to-date and relevant course this is, they show a sample of text in which the word 'beer-goggles' is introduced.
There are definitely places and times for entertaining little insights into 'real english' but why choose 'beer-goggles' to represent a course? I was a bit bemused by this: who are Cambridge University Press trying to impress? Is it like a when you're a kid and your dad puts 'pop music' on the radio to show what a trendy chap he is?
Maybe they were trying to lend a hand to the pub trade which is a bit in the doldrums by attracting to Britain lots of youths who are unable to drink enough beer in their own countries.
Or am I being a fuddy-duddy by thinking that those students who do need to know 'beer-goggles' will probably find out for themselves.

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